Why a verified paypal account is not enough for your company and you ask for more ID?

There is a large amount of fraud going on in this industry, stolen credit cards, stolen, hacked paypal accounts..

Please note as a company we do our best to protect our customer’s privacy and any additional information received is kept offline.

Once your payment is done and you have a good record with us we won’t ask for more verification. If you are unwilling to disclose your identification, Address, phone number we wont be able to proceed with your order but we do understand you might be concerned about your privacy so you can mask out (part of) the equivalent of the Social Security number and other sensitive data.

Please watch this video on youtube to understand our concern (

If for any reason your payment is a fraud we will have trouble with paypal and will receive a message from them like this:

PayPal is committed to maintaining a safe environment for its community of buyers and sellers. Our team employs the most advanced systems in the world to protect the security of your account.
During a recent review of our system, we determined that you received funds from an account with reports of fraudulent bank account use. In accordance with PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy, the following transaction involving unauthorized funds has been reversed:Transaction ID: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXTransaction Date: XXXXXXXXXXXXTransaction Amount: XXXXXXXXXXXBuyer’s Email : XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXBuyer’s Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXThe transaction was reversedSincerely,The PayPal Team

Tips: 1. If you do not have a Scanner to scan your IDs you can use a digital camera.
2.  Hide or mask part of the social security number (national identifier) or very sensetive information (Please do not hide all information)
3. Upload your Jpg etc file using our Secure form online making a ticket . When we receive your ticket we will download the attached file
Keep it on your file offline and remove it   from our server.

Do you monitor your network for DOS and other attacks?

Yes, our datacenter is monitored . We offer DDOS safe zone but there will be limitations. For DDOS protection fees please contact our billing or sales department.

We can provide upto 10 Gig of UDP protection for some of our servers but you will need to contact us in advance and before ordering a server.

The cost and availability of this protection zone depends on what data center and which of our facilities your servers are set up.

 If we provide a UDP protection zone you must make sure that none of your programs are using UDP ports as the connection will be denied. If for any reason

you will be using UDP then that also needs to be clarified with our company in advance.

Are gambling sites allowed on your servers?


Gambling sites and related software download is not allowed in our service. In principle, any gambling activities (or speculative activities) are prohibited in Korea. Article 246 of the Criminal Act punishes a person who gambles or bets for the purpose of gaining property by a fine of not more than five million won or a minor fine. Article 247 of Criminal Act prohibits the opening of a gambling place for a profit and punishes a person who violates this provision by imprisonment of not more than three years or by a fine not exceeding twenty million won.