About Internet Brothers

Registered business name: Internet Brothers
Business Registration Number: 134-11-18207  (Itaewon Dong), 210-48, Noksapyeong-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul , South Korea. Office hours 1 A.M GMT ~8 A.M GMT. We are located in South Korea and we offer shared web hosting VPS, VDS, Dedicated Servers in Korea. If you search in Whois data base and look up internetbrothers.co.kr you can see the domain has been online since 2001 . One of our domains has been online since 1999.

Our Mission

We have been providing service to many clients from reputed institutions and well-know international companies. e.g  www.lgmobile.com , Oracle etc
We also provide services to Charity organizations, Human rights groups and churches with discounted rate and some times completely free.
We provide services to Foreigners , Foreign companies in South Korea as well. From small and medium sized companies to even diplomatic missions in South Korea. We are offering our hosting services at a discount, and even Free in many cases, to any organization whose sole purpose of existence is to provide e.g  Humanitarian Aid,Visiting and helping the sick (cancer victims/drug abuse/etc)- Legal+other help for Refugees, Financial assistance to the poor and needy. Any other type of kind hearted help to those in need.