Search Engines in Korea


Website Translation:

Translation and Localization : Adapting your products or services to Korean language, culture, with desired local “look-and-feel.” Localization of your Website, Software etc :

Conversion of Graphics , Keywords and contents into Korean language.

We provide Korean customization of already created templates, various scripts, web applications and software, i.e. galleries, WordPress, Drupal etc…

If you intend to create a simple CMS based Website for Korean audience and use our hosting packages you can contact us.

We promote your website by registering it in Korean Search engines. Your site will be registered in Korean Directories with Korean Title, Description and Keywords. Customized and localization SEO service for all your needs.

Note: Even though we do our best for all of our clients we do not guarantee top ranking. We do not guarantee that your site will be accepted in all search engines. Your site might be indexed by search engines web page search but get rejected for directory inclusion. Search Engines in Korea work very differently.

*All fees are non refundable. *  PPC, Banner Advertisement or any directory listing fees charged by search engines are not included in our service fee. Unless you have some special requirements or due to search engines rejection and the need to resubmit  .


1. Your site has to be online 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 2. No under construction page, No image or dead link within your site 3. Your site must have Korean version. 4. If your site requires Id and password to login you should give an ID and password for search engines editors to be able to review it. 5. No adult contents .6. Search engines editors have the rights to change your site title, description or category in that search engine.   7. For sites in Korea If you claim to be a business. Search engines might require your business registration certificate to be faxed to them.  8. In your site you must mention the name of your business , full address and telephone number and preferably a company introduction.  9. In consideration for using our services, you agree to provide us current, complete, and accurate registration information  and to maintain and update this information as required to keep it current, complete and accurate. For more information please feel free to contact us.

Can I make changes to my keywords Title or Description?

Sure, all you need to do is to send a support ticket and we will do it for you. As long as we are managing your advertisement we will be always in touch with you and you have full control over your advertisement.

Do I need to have my website hosted in Korea?

It all depends on how serious you are in reaching Korean Market and it also depends on how large your website is.
Geographic location of hosting company effects the speed of your website load and it effects your ranking on some search engines.

If you have a large website and you want to do some serious marketing in Korea we recommend you host at least some part of your website in Korea. You can easily achieve that. you do not need to move your present hosting just you ask your previous host to make you a CNAME record and point one folder to your new host.

We can host your website in Korea.

Do you guarantee hits to my web site ?

No. Realistically, no provider can really guarantee hits to any page, and we won’t make that promise in order to sell you our services. We understand the web and how to best promote sites. We also understand how searches are done by the major search engines, link lists and directories and we endeavor to stay current with their ever changing methods. The search engines, link lists and directories, however, control how information is indexed and presented to users and their methods, as well as their databases, are constantly changing. So, even though a well ran promotion may produce additional traffic in the short term, there is no way to guarantee that level of traffic to continue or increase.

What is the difference between a Search Engine and a Directory?

Search Engines rely on automated tools called “robots” to collect information from websites. This information is added to the Search Engine’s database, based on a number of criteria, including page content, page title, links,

Directories use human editors to look at websites and to decide how to categorize sites for inclusion.

Do I need to translate my site to Korean?

Yes if you want to have your site optimized for korean search engines and listed in Korean directories you need to have Korean version.

Some search engines require that your site have Korean translation. at least a few pages in Korean language will do.

Can I just translate my keywords & meta tags?

When getting ready for Korean search engine submissions, it takes much more than just translating a page and its meta tags.

The text of a page must be written using unique specific korean character patterns, the sentences must reflect strategic korean keywords according to the optimization/source code . Graphics must be enhanced with alt-tags in Korean words, etc.

The meta tags must respect various rules and regulations pertinent to korean language. the ranking algorithms in Korean is different from the ones in English. Guidelines are not the same for optimizing a English page versus a Korean page…

The amount of keywords allowed varies from 1 language to the other. the optimization rules and regulations vary for Korean market…ranking algorithms have to be adapted according to the specifics of Korean language: different accents, symbols, alphabets, etc.

This is beyond the expertise & qualifications of a regular translation agency.

We guarantee that the Koreanlanguage pages which we will create for your website will be culturally correct and reflect 100% technical accuracy..