Reboot Request

If you’re a VPS/Semi Dedicated/VDS/dedicated server client you can go to our secure support department reboot section ( choosing your ticket ” Type ” as “reboot” ) and send a ticket for power cycle or server reboot in Reboot department. If you send your ticket to any other department you might face unnecessary delay.

You can reboot your VPS from within the OS itself (sudo reboot)
We do not take responsibility for any possible damage.

Important: If you are working on a project that requires power cycle or any possible issue that might need our serious and immediate response to your ticket it is always a good idea to adjust that particular task with our time in South Korea. When a ticket is received during office hours the response is much faster.
Our reboot triage department only accepts emails from valid registered accounts that means you must have a registered email account in our support department.

If you have been advised by our company to trouble shoot and resolve an issue that causes your server to go offline or upgrade your server because e.g your server goes off due to lack of ram please upgrade and follow our instruction to resolve this issue. Some applications can also increase the use of ram or resources. Requesting reboots is not a solution to such a problem .

It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that all services on their servers are setup to come up automatically upon reboot or restart . For power cycle if our technician has to be physically at data center it is important that you respond our emails and update us when your server is back online. Internet Brothers will not be held responsible for any problems or service outages caused due to reboots.

What is a Reference Identification (Ref ID)?

A server Ref ID is a unique identification our company assigns to your server. This is used for our internal identification .It is used to make it faster for our support team to identify a server and also it is another layer of security .When you need technical support in addition to informing us your server IP address you need to let us know your Reference Identification so that it makes it easier and faster for our support team to look up your VPS/VDS/Dedicated server etc in our search system.

Some of our support team have access to the reference identification system only and can not search it by IP address so It is very important that you let us know your ref id with your ticket.

Where can I find my Ref ID?

Your server REF ID was emailed to you the day you purchased our server. You can find it in the email instruction you first received from us. Some times we put this information in your profile section at our billing department. ( when you login to our billing department / Your profile section where you update your details same page there is a notepad section that has the ref ID)  If you can not find it there please refer to the first email you received from us or contact our billing department in office hours.

Have you lost your password?

Lost password for client area? Please click here. Other password issue please contact our billing department and submit a ticket.

In most cases we might not know your password as it is encrypted in our system database. All we can do is to reset it to a new one.

For VPS, VDS, Dedicated servers customers who have lost Root password additional charges for resetting the password will be applied. We only send this password to a verified email address associated with your billing account.

For security reasons password reset is done in Korean Office hours Monday ~ Friday.  Unless a website is down and except in special circumstances a password reset response is made in 24 Hours with the lowest ticket priority. Unless you are locked out of your server  due to for example firewall etc a password reset is NOT done through our technical support department. It is done through our billing department ticket system only.

For security reasons we might require additional information like your last transaction ID etc…YOU MUST USE AN EMAIL THAT IS REGISTERED IN OUR SYSTEM. No phone call or help request in chat rooms please. We will need to make sure all password reset requests are documented in our system. In some cases we might require a copy of your identification like passport etc…

Customers are responsible for lost passwords if you continue forgetting a password please use a password manager.  A password manager can help you manage your passwords.

Important: To receive our password reset emails please whitelist our domains.

Moving, transferring and restoring hosting

It is totally a customer’s responsibility to transfer his/her site. Neither free or paid transfer services carry any guarantees. . Upon your request We will move the primary domain of the  hosting account free of charge within 10 days of signup.  Additional domains or sub domains are not included in the free transfer service. The majority of transfers are completed in less than 48 hours, however, due to the nature of some transfers and depending on how many are currently in the queue, it could take up to 72~96 hours before everything is completed. We reserve the right not to accept the transfer of your site or ask for a fee on hourly rate. The transfer is done in Korean Office Hours Mon~Fri

We support Major control panels , Directadmin, Plesk etc
However we mostly accept  Cpanel to Cpanel transfer only If transferring from a cpanel host, it is required to have the same amount of free disk space as used disk space. This is required so that full cpanel backups can be generated without errors. If this is not possible, we recommend asking your old host to generate a full cpanel backup for the account and placing this in your home directory.

If you want us to move your database, you must specifically inform us where and how to access them in the instructions below.

Do NOT cancel your old hosting account until you have changed DNS and carefully inspected all of your site to ensure everything is OK. Make sure you have multiple backups too .

Usually if you have cpanel and you are using our cpanel hosting it should be OK but some times moving a site might be complicated and we might not proceed . We offer only a limited help with no guarantee what so ever.

We also cannot transfer from hosts that do not allow access to your website files (FTP restriction) , databases . Without access, we cannot copy and transfer your site. (There are some hosts that restrict access through their firewall)

We will need the following information ( copy and paste it in a ticket to us )

Your Email:     *
IP Address or Domain Name of Previous Hosting Account:     *
Which host are you transferring from?
The username to that site:     *
The password to that site:     *
Have you made a full backup of your site, Database :  Yes  or No ? ( You must confirm that you have a backup of your site )

New Hosting Information ( Your hosting account with us )
Your Primary Domain With Us:     *
The username to that site:     *
The password to that site:     *

Your Instructions ( If necessary ): ( Please make it easy to understand  not a long instruction. We have tools to  pull out your website data from your previous site to us and it should work fine as long as both have cpanel and the cpanel is compatible ) * Any other task beyond that might not be free.


Please give us a full listing of accounts you want moved with all the details such as username and password to cpanel , whm or any other information. If the above information is not correct we will ask you one more time for the correct information however  if we do not receive the information in 24 hours your ticket is marked closed .


By sending the above information and asking for a transfer you confirm that you have read this page and agree with our terms of service. Please send us a ticket with the information asked above to Technical support Department . Click on ” Submit a support request ” link. Choose the right department and proceed.

Please do not set a  transfer request ticket priority to high. Free transfer is done in Office hours with the lowest priority. If you think you are in a hurry and need to have your site transferred faster you can contact our billing department for a paid service.

Steps to move a site : Moving the website’s files. Transferring the site’s Database ( if you have a DB), reconfiguration of your applications e.g wordpress, drupal etc.. and pointing your domain’s DNS to our servers. Even if we do move your website files and transfer your whole database ( Paid or FREE) IT IS customer’s responsibility to reconfigure his/her applications to work with our server and change the DNS.

If you are already a client and we are going to do a transfer for you please note still you are responsible for any further adjustment in your website. By using our transfer service you confirm that you have a full backup of your website(s).

How to use a discount coupon?

If we offer a discount coupon you can copy the coupon code and when placing your order you will have an option to validate and apply it to the product or service. Do you need help? simply contact us and we will help you with sign up and order.

What is Server Support Limitation?

The unmanaged servers are recommended for the experienced users or those who have their own technical team.

The unmanaged servers are designed for individuals or companies who are comfortable with  administering a server without Internet Brothers help .

Internet Brothers will perform a standard install of the server . The server will then be turned over to the customer for final configuration.

The customers takes care of all the data monitoring, security, troubleshooting and maintenance. If you are highly technical, especially in networking, You will be OK using our services.

If tech support is necessary, we will provide this support on a charge per hour basis .  This means that support will be charged for the full minimum amount even if it only takes a few minutes to resolve the ticket. 

Uptime of the server  might depend on how you manage the server.

In essence, a client will need to have the skills necessary to maintain the server from the bottom up .  The infrastructure and manner in which operations occur with the server is also the complete responsibility of the customer. You must always backup every thing,update often and monitor your server.

Is mass mailing allowed?

We do not tolerate spam and mass mailing. In our shared hosting even news letter is not allowed . If you need to send mass mailing with your shared hosting account you can contact us and we will offer you additional services ( external mailing ). The  reason is that if even one recipient  complain against you, the IP address of the server will be banned by anti-spam groups  Yahoo, MSN (hotmail) and ISP .  This result other customers  on the same server experience unneccessary disruption with their emails too. There is less restriction on VPS and dedicated servers but still please make sure that you comply with our general rules concerning spam

Do you allow adult contents?

NO ! South Korea has a very strict rule and our company does not allow adult content.