We register your Korean domains and  for some domains you are able to manage almost all aspects of it in our client area. All support, DNS management, notifications and invoices are in English.

Korean Domain fees and requirements:

1. If you live in Korea/ You will also order our hosting then  Domain fee is 39,000 Won . We provide full English support.
2. If you live in Korea . You do not need hosting just a domain with English support then  Domain fee is 59,000 Won.
3. If you are not living in Korea , you need domain+ hosting domain fee is 39 US Dollars.
4. If you are not living in Korea / You only need a domain without any hosting or other services then Domain fee is 85 US Dollars . We need to register on your behalf with our own contact information. What makes our service different is that we make sure all or most portion of the domain you register holds your or your company’s profile so you can have better control and authority over it. All invoices, notifications, and support is in English.

Other domains:

For .com etc  the only requirement is a valid email address. The fee is fixed

.COM or .NET

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Register your domain today

How To Order?

Simply contact us and let us know the domain you want to register and any question you have. We are fast in responding. In a few hours you will receive full instruction with a link to proceed with your order.  Every year you will be notified of the renewal through our billing system ( These notifications are all in English) .

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I legally own the domain?

We will make sure that the domain is assigned to your own email address . You will have full authority over your domain.

Will my personal information be visible when I buy a domain?

If for any reason you do not want your personal information such as name , address etc be visible you will need to buy ID PROTECTION with your order.

please note we do not take any responsibility for information available on internet.


When you register a domain name with Internet Brothers, the Whois of your domain name lists your personal information (such as Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address) as Contact Details for that domain name. This information becomes available to anyone who performs a Whois lookup of your domain name. You can ask us to protect this information to be public by setting up an ID protect . You need to let us know in advance and before placing your order because this feature might not be available with some of our panels or domains.

Also please note if ICANN policy change some of your information might become public again If you have any concern please contact us in advance so we can update you with latest rules and regulations

What if one day I do not use your Hosting packages can I still use the domain?

We do not deprive you from your domain just because you are not interested in using our other services any more.

Can I change the email associated to my domain in future?

For Korean domains changing the email tied to your domain is not free . Depending on the registrar a small fee is charged. Some times we will need to submit an application to the registrar on your behalf so it is important that from the begining you are careful with the email address you provide. Changing email of the owner is more complicated that other domains. Also while registering your domain we might need to ask for a verification code so we advise you to create one email specially for your domain management and give us access to that email so we can proceed faster.

Do you provide dns management?

Yes , We provide dns management for all domains registered through us. Either you can directly make changes to your dns or all you have to do is open a ticket and we will make changes for you.

I already have a domain but want to transfer to you what info do I need to provide?

You will need to provide us with a Authinfo_code ( it will be valid for 1 hour only so before getting that you might want to communicate with us first )  Information about the present owner of the domain , Name, business registrtion certificate etc…

Will I receive notification for my future domain payment?

Yes, you will receive notification every year or 2 … years depending on the payment cycle you choose.

You must always make sure your email in our system is correct but note we do not make any sort of guarantee. It is fully a customer’s responsibility to remember to pay for an invoice.

Can I forward my Korean domain to my other websites?

We provide free forwarding service for domains registered through us so yes we can forward all traffic to any domain you want.

Can I transfer my domain to other registrar ?

If some day you wish to transfer your domain to other registrars we do not prevent you from this. The domain belongs to you and you can transfer it away from us. No question is asked.

How to change the ownership of a domain?

Please note changing ownership of a domain in Korea is not as easy as other domains. We ourselves are charged a one time fee by the reigistrar and some times it involves paperwork.

Before you proceed please make sure that the person whose name, email is associated with the domain is willing to authorize the domain ownership change. After you place your order we will contact you through an email . We will schedule a chat session in office hours with our staff through our company’s chat software. We will initiate an ownership change request only when we are sure that the present owner of this domain and you are available to reply to this request asap because an authorization code emailed is valid only for a short time. If we do not receive this code our attempts will fail and we have to start all over again.

We will contact you in Office hours Mon ~ Friday KST ( Korean Standard Time ) and give you further instruction.

YOU agree that, if the registration etc of YOUR domain name is challenged by a third party, YOU will be subject to the provisions specified in the Dispute Policy adopted by the applicable registry. Therefore to avoid any issue please make sure you follow this instruction.

1. Make sure you have full access to your email address. It is not an email associated with somebody in your company who might someday leave Let the domain email be tied to the CEO . Make sure that the email is not tied to a website that it’s hosting has expired or might not be available in the future.
If you are using a free email address make sure that the email is fully secured and will be always available.

2. Be careful with all details in your domain , Name of the owner of the domain should be exactly as it appears in a passport or other government-issued documents.