• 512MB Ram
  • 30GB
  • 100 Mbps port speed
  • 300 Gig Bandwidth
    VMware : 2core


  • 1GB Ram
  • 40GB
  • 1 Gig port speed
  • 500 Gig Bandwidth
    VMware : 4core


  • 2GB Ram
  • 50GB
  • 1 Gig port speed
  • 800 Gig Bandwidth
    VMware : 4core

One time set up is $19.  Free set up for 12 months billing cycle. Note: You can change to annual payment after testing our services.

Basic SSD

  • 1GB Ram
  • 30GB SSD Raid 10
  • 1 Gig port speed
  • 300 Gig Bandwidth
    KVM 8 core

Medium SSD

  • 2GB Ram
  • 40GB SSD Raid 10
  • 1 Gig port speed
  • 500 Gig Bandwidth
    KVM 8 core

Webmaster SSD

  • 3GB Ram
  • 50GB SSD Raid 10
  • 1 Gig port speed
  • 800 Gig Bandwidth
    KVM 8 core


More Ram or Disk ?
More CPU or Bandwidth?
CDP backup?
We build customized VPS

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will it take for my service to be available after payment?

If the information you provide in your order form is correct and our system does not flag it (After order is approved) your VPS is set up in approx 8 hours in office hours, Mon~Fri, KST.

What if I need some help with VPS configuration?

These are self managed VPS. You can contact us for fully managed VPS or we can provide services like installing Apache/PHP/Mysql/FTP,Mail server etc for a one time set up fee.

What is telephone verification?

We do not provide services to any anonymous clients, that is why we verify the phone numbers specified by the customer.

Where is your datacenter located?

Our VPS data centers are randomly chosen, SK,LG , KT etc…If you think you want to have your VPS installed in a particular data center then this is only possible for a customized VPS and you need to contact us first

Do you oversell Virtual Hosting accounts?

NO! All of our VPS plans come with guaranteed resources such as RAM (memory), CPU, and disk space . We provide high quality VPS .

What is my payment option?

We accept Paypal and  credit card . We accept bitcoin and most  major Cryptocurrencies but Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are not enabled by default when you choose bitcoin your account will be kept on hold until we verify your mobile phone number. The reason we accept bitcoin is to help you with more payment option it does not mean we accept orders from anonymous clients. Using virtual cell phone numbers are not accepted. It should be a cellphone that you can receive and make international calls. You will receive an automated or manual phone call .

Can I get refund if I am not happy with my VPS?

Yes we will give you a refund if you request in 48 hours . As long as you have a valid cell phone number in your profile  you are a fully verified customer and entitled to our money back guarantee . Customers are responsible for a payment gateway refund-related fees .

I'd like to write a review for InternetBrothers based in Seoul, Korea. We've worked with InternetBrothers for over a year now. We have 2 vps servers for 3D virtual environment OpenSim and one for a website which we were planning to use for an online presentation skills assessment software. OpenSim itself is a fairly unstable software and it took us several tries with different webhosting companies and even a local server before we settled with InternetBrothers. Their servers were the most reliable and prices reasonable. Also I'd like to point out their excellent support. Their response is immediate and very helpful. I feel confident working with people who can advise me on any issue. I hope to keep doing business with InternetBrothers for all our future projects.

ESL teacher in South Korea


We host a news website and a community at this VPS for almost 2 years.Our visitors all come from China. We want to say, InternetBrothers is a perfect provider for Asia based VPS hosting. During past 20 months, we have only submitted 4 tickets for rebooting.Their response testify their promise, and we get rapid resolving on issues.As their claimed, InternetBrothers loves to serve Charity,Human Rights,Christian users to host their websites with giving discount.We thanks for their discount.

VPS review from China

Leo Yang

Just wanna post a quick review on the internet brothers. I signed up for their VPS and it was really fast and stable. The support was also awesome and they really provided me with personalized help... If you are looking for Korea dedicated server/VPN, they are literally the best bet...

VPS from China



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