Bottom right corner of this page you can find our Skype chat icon that takes you to your Microsoft login page to initiate a chat session with us.  As this is connected to our sales person mobile phone he should be able to receive your message but please be patient .  If no body comes back to you simply use your own Skype app and add our id: internetbrothers. Please note we are always fast in responding to tickets and online inquiry so you could simply use our contact page instead.  Our Skype should be online 2 p.m ~ 2 a.m Korea Standard Time.
Please note that some browsers like Chrome seem to work better with this chat window . Before starting to chat please send us your email address just in case we loose connection and we have to let you know.

Our Skype id is: INTERNETBROTHERS   

If we are online a chat icon will be visible or simply add our id. Our Skype id is: INTERNETBROTHERS