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Windows VPS in South Korea! These are high Quality English Windows Virtual Servers .

Korea Windows
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One time Set Up Fee

No set up fee if paid semi annually

Monthly payment
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For windows we have to manually do all the  set up we need upto 2 business days to complete the set up.When you click order you have the option to choose Korean or English OS any many more options. Before you buy please visit our FAQ page

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Life time 10% discount on any VPS. Just contact us and let us know about your services.
Disk Space
 100 Gig SSD
4 Gig
Bandwidth 1TB (900 + 100 Grace)
Grace Bandwidth ?  100 Gig
We do not sell to anonymous clients.Fraud or any sort of Illegal activities in our servers is not tolerated.
Your VPS is installed in 24  Business hours
After receiving the necessary Identification and phone number fully verified. We do not sell to anonymous clients
Windows VPS Hosting

For  Windows Server 2008(32bit) / Windows Server 2008(64bit) English language OS might or might not be available. If you need the above please contact us first.
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition(32bit) Korean OS only, Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition(32bit) Korean OS only
 Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition(64bit) Korean OS only
Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition(64bit) English IS AILABLE.

DB : MS-SQL 2008 Standard Edition, Web Edition for English Language windows and
MS-SQL 2008 Workgroup Edition
or Web Edition
With the Administrator ID You can connect to the windows Terminal Services using [Remote Desktop Connection] Program in your PC
Warning : Using our services for bypassing restrictions in Korea by getting a Korean IP through our servers might be illegal and you might be violating our terms of service.
MS-SQL Server Options available on monthly fee. You can choose them on your order form.MS-SQL 2008 Web Edition or MS-SQL 2005 Workgroup Edition but if you need this option before ordering please contact us
English Support
Billing ,chat,Support Center
Submit support issues, and view issues submitted by your co-workers,Search issue solutions for answers or Discuss with other clients in the discussions area. web-based customer service in Secure Socket Layer environment.  In our client area you can manage all your billings, Download PDF format and send billing related inquiries all in English. For every issue you send to us our technicians are instantly notified through SMS. We use SMS alert service, Smart phones for all areas in our support and billing department.

We can be reached by chat, phone, and support center. We speak English fluently You will have absolutely no problem communicating with us.




High quality and high performance. 1 Fixed IP by default we do not supply additional IP
You will receive a confirmation with your administration and Temporary Password.

For Security Reason NetBios/ SMB Disabled
Premium bandwidth through high quality bandwidth providers



VPS hosting plans tailored to suit even your most demanding needs

Important: When placing your order… Using Paypal? It needs to be Verified. Do not enter false information  Do not use Proxies, VPN etc... Our automated Fraud Protection might stop your Order Process. We will carefully check each application. There is no automated set up. Due to strict South Korea laws if we have the slightest feelings that your information is not correct we will not set up your VPS.

Click the related "Order Now" Button. You will then need to register your account.You must provide a cell phone number. We will send you a verification code through SMS and unless you verify this we will not be able to set up your server. We do not sell to anonymous clients
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