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Linux Virtual Private Servers in Korea KVM (​True virtualization where a VPS operates as its own server) SSD Linux Hybrid VPS tailored to suit even your most demanding needs! ( physically located in Korea )

8 Core VPS
VPS Business
private server with cpanel and backup. all configured and ready to use

Basic and Medium not recommended for hosting with control panels like cpanel specially if you use wordpress or a CMS with many plugins Wordpress needs memory. Depending on your plugins CPU usage can be high too. Some plugins have horrible code and will consume all of your resources. 

These high quality  8 Core Virtual Private Servers are SSD  on 1 Gig port .
RAID-10 Disk Technology to provide a reliable and stable VPS
High quality , high performance 99.9% Uptime.
Complete System Isolation
8 core CPU
8 core CPU
8 core CPU
8 core CPU
Guaranteed Ram
1 Gig
2 Gig
3 Gig
4 Gig
SSD Disk Raid10
30 Gig SSD
40 Gig SSD
50 Gig SSD
100 Gig SSD
Port Speed is 1 Gbps
1,000 Mbps
1,000 Mbps
1,000 Mbps
1,000 Mbps
Monthly traffic
300 Gig
500 Gig
800 Gig
No Management provided with these 3 plans
YES : Managed
For Managed VPS  you can take care of your website
while we take care of all server side issues.
One time set up fee
Pay annually and get Free set up 
Monthly fee
$ 140

reliable vps Money back Guarantee
Set up fee is not refundable however If for any reason you are not satisfied please let us know in 48 hours and we will refund your monthly fee.
Substantial discount for Catholic, certain Christian denomination and charitable non-profit organizations. Please contact us by clicking here
In our default VPS 1 IP address is provided. 
  In the order form you will have the option to ask us to secure your VPS for free

Monthly Traffic
290 + 10
Total 300 Gig
490 + 10
Total : 500 Gig
Total: 800 Gig
1 TB
Grace  Bandwidth  ?
10 Gig Free
10 Gig Free
50 Gig Free
100 Gig Free
A grace bandwidth is a free additional bandwidth that we allow our customers to use in case of accidental over usage only. If a customer continues to use the grace bandwidth he/she must consider an upgrade.  For more info please read this.
Usually Your VPS is installed in 2 ~8 hours in Office hours. You must allow Approx 24 hours to complete your set up.Please add our domains  to your safe emails list (Whitelist) Otherwise you might miss our instruction emails for more information please click here.
We choose our hardware carefully and customers are allocated in an orderly fashion based on the VPS plan.Equal Share. Operating system and hardware tuned for optimal performance.
Submit support issues, and view issues submitted by your co-workers, search issue solutions for answers or discuss with other clients in the discussions area.  In our client area you can manage all your billings, Download PDF format and send billing related inquiries. Please note : You must know how to manage a server. If you do not know how to manage a linux server please use our fully managed VPS. You can not upgrade from unmanaged to managed VPS in future.
Please also  read this

 We speak English fluently you will have absolutely no problem communicating with us. . Most questions have been answered and you can find it in our VPS FAQ page. Please make sure you read our FAQ and Terms of Service before placing an order with us.

After the set up you will receive a confirmation with your Root ID and Temporary Password.
We might give you a phone call. You must have a correct telephone number with us
OS is 64 Bit
For 32 Bit please contact us before ordering

64bit CentOS 6.x/CentOS 7.x/ Ubuntu 14.04/ Ubuntu 16.04

Important: When placing your order....Using Paypal? It needs to be Verified.  We respect your privacy  please do not enter false or misleading information. YOUR VPS Root information will be sent to the email address registered in your paypal account.
Or we might send a separate verification code to that email address.