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Korean Domain Name Registration

You can register Korean domains through us. Invoice and help desk is in English.

You can also register .com .net .org .biz .info

Registering a Korean Domain Name like: , or .Kr ?

To search for a domain to see if it has been registered or not you can visit​

Note: A domain might be available when looking at the link above but
Our tools might say it is not available. The above link
is correct in this case simply let us know and we will place the order manually.


We register Korean domains for only those who use our hosting services

We are not a domain registrar . This service we provide is for those who prefer to have English support specially those companies using our hosting services who want to have all solution in one place .

 All of your Billing and Invoices will be in English, Every year you will be notified of the renewal through our billing system ( These notifications are all in English) . Whenever you need to change information about your domain you can simply send us a support ticket and we will take care of it etc....

For information regarding fees and procedures on how to register a domain through us please contact us here


For FAQ regarding the Korean domain Registration please  visit our FAQ page and click on the domain related section

* Privacy Protection ( ID Protection )

When you Register a domain name with us, the Whois of your domain name lists your personal information (such as Name, Company Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address) as Contact Details for that domain name. This information becomes available to anyone who performs a Whois lookup of your domain name.

Your personal information is, therefore, at risk from being manipulated by data miners, who can then target you via junk email, prank telephone calls, postal messages, fax messages, etc..

Using our Privacy Protection service, you may immediately put a stop to such abuse. When you enable this service for your domain name, we replace your Contact Details in the Whois information with the registrar generic contact details, thus, masking your personal contact details. ID protection fees depends on type of domain you register with us. You will see the option in the domain configuration.

Read: Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy

For Following Domains ,,, etc...

We are occasionally asked if we can do domain registrations or transfers, and yes, we do as a courtesy service. this is not what we promote. We can not beat pricing of the big shops that sell at a loss and hope you buy their other services, but we can provide you with a better customer service experience.


Sign up with us and register your domain then you can pay to our Korean bank account.

For Support please see our help page at