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Korean Domain Name Registration

You can register Korean domains through us. Invoice and help desk is in English.

Registering a Korean Domain Name like: , or .Kr ?

We are not a domain registrar . This service we provide is for those who prefer to have English support specially those companies using our hosting services who want to have all solution in one place . If you are not using our hosting package you can still ask us to register and maintain a Korean domain for you.

 All of your Billing and Invoices will be in English, Every year you will be notified of the renewal through our billing system ( These notifications are all in English) . Whenever you need to change information about your domain you can simply send us a support ticket and we will take care of it etc....

Domain fees:

1. If you are using our hosting packages 39 US Dollars per year
2. If you are not using our hosting packages 90 US Dollars per year

Please contact us and we will send you a link to place your order.