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Korea Cpanel Shared Hosting in English

All invoices ,technical support etc is in English language. Please note we provide quality service on Cloudlinux platform.

Linux Plan
IB Medium
IB Standard
IB Premium
 More secure, and customized 
IB premium is more secure and has better performance. Ideal for businesses that need more security and customization. You can not upgrade from IB standard to Premium automatically. Server environment and settings differ so please choose your plan wisely.
Set up fee Free
$ 50
Can pay monthly?
19 US Dollars
19,000 Won
$ 120
120,000 Won
$ 108
108,000 Won
$ 216  
216,000 Won
Korean currency is for clients in Korea (Bank payment)
700 Mb
10 Gig
40 Gig
Monthly Bandwidth
30 Gig
50 Gig
500 Gig
Language support English English English/Korean
and other languages
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Notes: 1. You do not need to be a Korean or live in Korea but if you are in Korea use bank transfer and Korean currency. As a foreigner living in Korea only use your present address and phone number in Korea. 2. When you click the order button above you will be able to register and proceed with your purchase. An automatically created invoice will be sent to your email. 3. Our bank information is in this page Once your order comes through and payment is confirmed we will set up your account and send your FTP information in 8 business hours Monday ~ Friday ( If paid by paypal or 2checkout we will need 24 hours only on business days).  We do not set up new accounts on weekends. Still you have any question? Some times an English speaking operator might be online so you could chat with him/her.
SSH access No No Yes
Max Databases
Addon domain
Fantastico Software auto installation
Autoresponder Manager
Cpanel in English
Cloudflare No Yes Yes
Server location
These plans are set up within our facilities in Korea data center

Go to this link and click Shared hosting FAQ
Most of your questions might have been already answered. Still you have a question? Please feel free to click this link and contact us online.
Ideal for Foreigners in Korea, Foreign firms in South Korea and nearby countries . Hosting your site in Korea can give your visitors a faster download and upload speed .Also Ideal for foreign companies marketing to Korea and nearby countries .. In Korea you can hardly find a shared hosting plan with English Control panel and Support. but We give you the common industry tools and all are in English.

We provide all tools you expect to have from a US hosting company within your hosting servers in South Korea; Common features and tools: Mysql, Phpmyadmin, Instant backup tools, Password protect directory, Statistics, Custom error page and logs, Web based File manager,SMTP, Webmail in English - Korean ..., Auto Responders, Mail forwarders, DNS control tools,Cron jobs etc

We speak English fluently You will have absolutely no problem communicating with us. We also provide a large number of video tutorials on how to work with your control panel.

Webmail: While most companies in Korea provide only Korean webmail we provide  multi language interface .
Customers using our Business plan can request us and we install a CMS of their choice like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal etc if necessary without any additional service fee.

Why should you use our hosting plans and not any other Korean company?

1. We provide all standard hosting tools most other companies do not. We give you Cpanel control panel.

2. If some day you decide to move your data and website to another company outside Korea it is easier for you to transfer it as we use the same tools and control panel that most companies use.

3. We support both English and Korean language if you are a company with a branch office ( Korean staff) while your Korean staff can communicate with us in Korean we provide a separate helpdesk in English language for your English speaking webmasters. We have completely isolated our billing software from our helpdesk.While most companies in Korea do not use a helpdesk ticket system and only a simple bulletin board to give support ( It is a standard way in Korea) We use a fully customized helpdesk for our foreign clients.

The above are only some important factors among many shortcomings webmasters face in other Korean companies.

Our hosting plans have all the standard tools like:

Ability to Change MX, Addon Domain manager, Analog Stats, Apache Handlers Manager, Backup Manager, Backup Wizard, Bandwidth Stats, BoxTrapper Spam Trap, ( Email @ Forwarders ), Choose Log Programs,  Email Archiving, Error Log, File Manager, Forwarder Manager, FTP account Manager, Hotlink Protection , IP deny Manager, Image Manager, Latest visitors, Mysql, PhpMyadmin, Raw Access Logs, Rediret Manager, DNS editor, SpamAssassin, Video Tutorials, Virus Scanner, Webalizer Stats,Custom Error, Logaholic Web analytics

What is addon domain? With some of our hosting packages you can set up one more domain inside the same control panel. You do not need to pay for additional hosting.
How to pay monthly ?