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No ! You can't find a pre-configured price list of our dedicated servers in this page. We provide customized servers for our customers so simply contact us with your requiremetns and we will send a quote the same day . 

Asia Reliable Unmetered Dedicated Servers South Korea. 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps ~ shared or dedicated /1Gbps Port All of our dedicated servers come with Phone Support. We supply high quality dedicated servers in Seoul Korea. that is ideal for Asia .Superior performance, Scalability, reliability & connectivity

We uphold our security measures to rigorous standards. Only our certified Server Engineers have direct access to the datacenter and individual servers controlled by extensive CCTV monitoring. We have a team of expert technicians monitoring the data centers 24 hours a day, ensuring that any potential issues are prevented before they can even happen. We have many clients from reputed institutions and well-know international companies.

You can pay by Credit card,  Paypal or  bank transferAsia South Korea Dedicated servers
Depending on payment method we might need identification.

For presale questions please click here and send us the online form.  For frequently asked questions please click here. When  contacting us please make sure you let us know about your company . We will also need to know your ( Hard Drive Size, minimum memory (Ram), processor type and speed etc preferences , How much monthly traffic do you expect etc..

Dedicated server in Asia

We provide high  quality servers with in-house support. Unmetered   10 Mbps ~ 100 Mbps or more .

We own our equipment, we operate our own network, we have 24 x 7 technical support available for our customers, a choice of 32bit or 64bit Windows & Linux operating systems. We can also provide redundancy solution, Load balancing, fully managed dedicated hardware firewall, Database Encryption solution ( Note: according to new South Korea law Korean customers data needs to be protected with encryption ) DDOS protection, fully managed CDP (continuous data protection) backup hourly , daily  etc... 

We have provided services to well know companies like / McDonald's / even some  diplomatic missions  in South Korea.

Support : We provide an in-house support team for all of our servers. Unmanaged ( Self managed ) , Semi-managed or fully managed servers with or without control panel. 

Data center: KT, SK or LG.

Time needed for a dedicated server set up : Monday ~ Friday  9 A.M to 6 P.M , After the payment is fully confirmed and your order is approved we  will set it up the in 8 hours or Max 24 hours. Unless a server you order has special requirement it hardly takes 2 business days to finish the set up.

1. Contact us let us know what kind of server you need. Please do not use a free email. We will send you a quote. When you agree with the price and our payment terms etc then we will send you a registration link.

2.  After registration you will receive an online Invoice.  When payment is confirmed. We will ask for some sort of Identification. If confirmed then we will set up your dedicated server and send your ROOT information.
Offshore Asia South Korea dedicated server
Important: Fraud or any sort of Illegal activities in our servers is not tolerated. We do not provide service to adult sites or related services whatsoever . We do not provide service to gambling sites (online casinos, betting and similar) 

We require correct name, address and customer's identification. If you are unwilling to disclose your identification, Address, phone number we wont be able to proceed with your order.