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How to whitelist our domains?

Please add us to your contact.
If you loose contact with us there can be so many issues unresolved. Invoices not paid and as a result your account terminated. It is completely your responsibility to ensure that you receive our email notifications.

It is simple...

Whitelist these two domains:   and  by simply creating filters in your email accounts.

Make sure these filters mark all emails coming from our domains as important. Probably you want to star it etc... Even though you could just do this only when you find one of our emails in your spam folder it is not a good idea to do that later because Internet environment changes and you never know when our emails are trapped in your spam folder. SO do this NOW!

Example if you are using gmail.


Some built-in spam protection system might be smart at spotting junk messages but they can sometimes become over-protective and may mark even legitimate emails as spam.

If you delete an email that has been marked as spam , the message might go to trash but  deleted forever and there's no way to recover it.


1. Do not use the same email address that it is being hosted by us or  an email from the same domain that has been purchased through our control panel because if your server is down or your domain is expired we will loose contact.

2.  Do not create auto response in your email because auto response might create email loop in our system and your entire email automatically blocked .

3. If you have any doubt about the delivery of our support emails, notifications etc please login to our client area ( for billing related ) or support department ( Technical support related tickets) You can check to see if your ticket has been successfully created and send us reply from there.

4.  When you join some groups or social media all the emails in your inbox might get automatically scanned by them and an invitation to join that group / social media sent to our system . We have created some rules to ban these kind of emails. Please make sure that you do not add our support , billing related emails to these groups or social media e.g  Do not add our support ticket mails to your facebook friend list.