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Get all the power and control of your own Windows Dedicated Server for less!

This is a  high Quality Windows Virtual Dedicated Server but as they are not in English Language we have not linked them to our main hosting products' page. If you are fine with a Korean version then please go ahead with your order other wise you can consider using a  dedicated server. Windows Virtual Dedicated Servers  Cloud Based Technology .High quality and high performance, Fast Data Networks  , Complete System Isolation .You are fully isolated from other virtual machines on the server hardware. You do not have to worry that your service overrun by another service on the same box
Important: For windows VDS before placing your order you will need to contact us.
If you are looking for Linux VDS please
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 Korean Windows Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)
We use 2 Intel Xeon QuadCore CPU (Total 8 core)
Main  OS Disk
1 Terabyte
Backup Disk
1 Terabyte

You have  2 Terabyte Disk. Each plan gives you ( 2 Terabyte ) Space
1 Terabyte for your main Hard Disk and 1 Terabyte  as your Backup Disk

 OS is 32bit
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (x86) or 
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Edition (x86) 

DB:  MS-SQL 2005 Workgroup Edition 
MS-SQL 2008 Web Edition 

Korean Language Only. Right now for windows VDS we only have Korean language installed
With the Administrator ID You can connect to the windows Terminal Services using [Remote Desktop Connection] Program in your PC

For Security Reason NetBios/ SMB Disabled

Guaranteed RAM  4 Gigabytes

Port Speed1000 Mbps
1,000Mbps = 1 Gbps port  Unlimited 10 Mbit/s transfer
(All nodes are connected to a 1 Gbps connection)
1.1 Terabyte
Grace Bandwidth ?100 Gig
                    Guaranteed CPU cores and  Guaranteed RAM
One Time Set up

Monthly Payment
Please send us an inquiry
Security Deposit 
If you are ordering from outside of Korea Use
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If you are ordering from inside of Korea
You must pay  in Korean currency to our bank account . Please click the below button to finalize your order.

Usually Your Virtual Dedicated Server is installed in 24 hours ( Korean Business Hours) . The main Data center is SK Broadband . You must allow Max 48 hours to complete your set up. If After 48 hours you do not receive your login information only then please contact us .In order for us to continue with the account setup, please attach scanned copies of a government ID such as passport, or drivers license etc .. . in a billing support ticket to our company.

Note: 1. We have a firewall in front of our VDS that filters out icmp . For security reasons pinging is disabled. We do not enable pinging . 2. We do not sell to anonymous clients.Fraud or any sort of Illegal activities in our servers is not tolerated. 3. We require Correct Name, Address and customer's identification. If you are unwilling to disclose your identification, Address, phone number we wont be able to proceed . 
( Please note: Before Ordering windows you will need to contact us. This service might not be available)  

1 Korean IP 

 Every Virtual Dedicated Server has 1 Korean IP by default. We do not sell additional IP.

For all related FAQ please click here 
( Most of The linux VDS FAQ applies to our Windows VDS as well.)If you have any question please feel free to contact us.

To prevent Fraud  we require full Identification and verification of your Paypal account. You must use the same information as in your Paypal.