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Service Addons

We supply veriety of Services with our VPS ,Dedicated servers, Shared Hosting. All of these services are optional and do not come with the default set up. To view the available addon services:



1. login to our client area 2. After login visit ( only after login )

e.g:    Installation and configuration of Apache+Tomcat ,VPS DNS set up,Host Based Server Firewall (IPtables) setting,Mod Security Setting and configuration,Initial hardening,Reinstallation of VPS OS, Resetting password, Server Management, Option to buy External Hardware Firewall (Shared and dedicated ) to Your Dedicated Server etc...

Depending on what services you are using there are different addon options. If the billing cycle of your service is different from the billing cycle of this addon Please go ahead with your order but send us a ticket in billing department so that we can adjust the final payment balance This is due to billing department software limitations. e.g You have a server paid for 12 months but you want to add additional ram however the default billing cycle in this addon section might be monthly . In this case you will need to pay for 12 months  you will need to let us know so that we  change the final amount on your invoice. You are not sure? Just open a ticket in our Billing Department and we will help you with this. Depending on your request we might need about 24 ~ 48 hours to proceed with your order. Addons are usually done on Mon ~ Friday business hours e.g if you place an order on Friday afternoon  it might be done by the following week Tuesday.