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Cheap 2 core VPS in Korea with good connectivity to China

 Located in South Korea
Cheap VPS
2 core on  1 Gig port speed  with 1 public IP
Monthly  9.99 US Dollars
Quarterly payment
 Ram 256 MB
HDD Disk  10 Gig
Monthly traffic 100 Gig 
  Port  1 Gig
One time
set up fee
Set up fee is not refundable .If for any reason you are not satisfied please let us know in 48 hours and we will refund your monthly fee.
Payable on 3 months billing cycle >>
Installed in 24 Hours:  Mon~Friday | 64bit CentOS 5 OR 6.x /
Ubuntu 12.04 OR 14.04  Click here to read FAQ