International call : +82-10-6837-1907
Billing/Tax/Sales : 070-8202-9959

How to register at our website

All customers need to have a valid cell phone number associated with their account. Only cell phone number is accepted.

Billing Department (Client Area)
If you are a new client. Have not used our services before. You might have been asked by our staff to create an account by registering at our billing department. (Only Register if you have been asked to . Our products/servers pages and the order option there will prompt you to register so don't need to register here.)

1. (International Customers or ? ordering from outside Korea)
To register at our Billing Department with your language set as  English and Currency set as Dollars please go to the following link and fill up the form. 
2. (Usually for customers ordering from Korea or ?)

To register at our Billing Department with your language set as  English but Currecncy set as  Korean Won please go to the following link and fill up the form. 

If you are not our client yet and do not have an account with us to order your product/service please register at our client's billing center above. By registering in the client's billing center you can  A: See the services you have applied and paid for B: You can send support and questions regarding your billing and invoices, C: You can keep track of all your transactions, D: You can add funds to your account so that invoices are automatically paid when they are generated, E: You can activate your affiliate account F: You can check all Emails sent to you through our system. They will be always there for your reference.

Technical Support Department

If you are already a client to send support ticket regarding any thing except billing related issues you  need to register at our Support Center. Registering at our support center is simple and all you need is to create an id and email. when you register A: you can choose a department and send your support ticket with a priority you choose.The support ticket is channelized and forwarded to a proper person to hand your issue.The support tickets as soon as they are sent are notified by the staff's Mobile phone for a fast reply B: you receive a response through Email C: all the emails and conversations are recorded for your future reference  D: you will have access to download page and knowledge base To register at our Support center please visit

Community forum

 To use our forum for your questions you should register at our support forum
A: the advantage is not only our staff but other users might be able to help you with your questions
You can ask tutorials only in our community forum. We do not provide tutorials in our support center.
to register please go to



Why do you require cell phone number ( mobile phone ) ?

1. To discourage illegal activities and fraud orders as much as possible.
2. To be able to have a direct communication number in case of emergency .
3. If we discover any virtual numbers we will suspend the account and eventually
terminate it without any refund.

Why you do not accept a landline phone ?

Because it is easy to provide a public phone number and wait for an automated voice message to make a fraud order go through but in most  countries the identity of a mobile phone owner is documented.