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 Reboot Triage Department

If you're a VPS/Semi Dedicated/VDS/dedicated server client you can go to our secure support department reboot section  ( choosing your ticket " Type " as "reboot"  ) and send a ticket for power cycle or server reboot in Reboot department. If you send your ticket to any other department you might face unnecessary delay.

We advise our clients not to reboot the server unless it is necessary Also please note if we have to do a shut down and a  forceful reboot there is always possibility of your system to break . We do not take any responsibility for damage . Patches and updates in Linux don't usually require reboots, unlike Windows (as you can just restart the daemon). If you don't have any particular problems then you can just restart individual daemons (eg. Apache) if there is a problem.

You can reboot your VPS from within the OS itself (sudo reboot)
We do not take  responsibility for any possible damage.

 Important:  If you are working on a project that requires
power cycle or any possible issue that might need our serious and immediate response to your ticket it is always a good idea to adjust that particular task with our time in South Korea. When a ticket is received during office hours the response is much faster.
Our reboot triage department only accepts emails from valid registered accounts that means you must have a registered email account in our support department.

 If you have been advised by our company to trouble shoot and resolve an issue that causes your server to go offline or  upgrade your server because e.g your server goes off due to lack of ram please upgrade and follow our instruction to resolve this issue. Some applications can also increase the use of ram or resources.  Requesting reboots is not a solution to such a problem  . 

It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that all services on their servers are setup to come up automatically upon reboot or restart .  For power cycle if our technician has to be physically  at data center it is important that you respond our emails and update us when your server is back online. Internet Brothers will not be held responsible for any problems or service outages caused due to reboots.