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Account Number : 110-461-267793  Account holder: 
Bank address: 119-24. Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul 140-200 Korea
Swift code: SHBKKRSE  Beneficiary's account name: Da Rak Seon (Internet Brothers)

(In Korean language : 신한은행: 110-461-267793 예금주: )

To accelerate the billing procedure you can let us know about this payment by contacting us through our billing department

For the clients transfering from outside of South Korea Please do not use bank transfer for an invoice less than 300 US Dollars unless you have been clearly advised by our billing department.

*For International Transfer When sending please make sure you pay for all related bank fees including intermediary and beneficiary fees.
Inform the bank teller that you are making an arrangement so that the exact amount on the invoice is transferred. ALSO Some banks need a US or other Intermediary bank (corresponding bank) to process wire transfers, and this will result in an additional charge, the intermediary bank may deduct the fee from the payment,please add the intermediary bank fee to your order total.
Unless we mark an invoice fully paid we won't go ahead with the set up. You can telegraphic transfer and as soon as the payment is received we will be notified by our bank through email and SMS. After payment please contact our billing department and let us know the remittance details e.g The Remitter, The Amount sent and the Remittance Bank.For bank Transfers in order to mark your invoice paid we will need to match our bank Remittance notice with your details . International clients residing outside of South Korea ! Please do not transfer the fees by bank unless you have been asked by us to do so.

Western Union:
Before sending by Western Union you must let us know. Do not send money through western union before we agree to this kind of payment. Note: our staff does not go to a Western Union office/agent to pick up small amount of cash.The minimum acceptable payment through WU is 300 US Dollars. Do NOT send us a test question or require us to verify additional information. If you do, we will not take the Western Union transfer, and we will permanently ban you from using this form of payment. After the payment we will need the following information: What is the Money Transfer Control Number? (MTCN) What is the EXACT dollar amount sent? (Do not send less than $300 or we will not take it.) What is your first name?What is your last name?What is your middle name? What is your telephone number? What city is the money sent from? What state is the money sent from? What Country is the money sent from? What is the domain name or package on your account? 
We are very sorry we must be so strict with Western Union payments  but we cannot accept payments below $300 If what you require costs less than this we can add that to your credit for your future payment or additional services. The credit will remain in your account and your future invoices will automatically marked paid and pulled from this credit  Also note that these payments are non-refundable. If you request a refund and only if we accept the refund then the payment will be added as credit to your  account for future packages.
To accelerate the billing procedure you can visit  and fill up the form and let us know.

 For all other sorts of payment. If this is available and you have an account in our client area ( Billing Department ) this information is in your invoice. So please login to our Client area , go to the billing management section and view your invoices.
Every time you pay an invoice you are confirming  that you have read , understood and fully agreed with our Terms of Service & Related FAQ section. You are also responsible to monitor any change in those pages.