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Have you lost your password?

 1. Lost password for client area? Please click here. 2. Lost password for our technical support department? Please click here  3. Other password issue please contact our billing department and submit a ticket.

In most cases we might not know your password as it is encrypted in our system database. All we can do is to reset it to a new one.

4. For VPS, VDS, Dedicated servers customers who have lost Root password additional charges for resetting the password will be applied.
We only send this password to a verified email address associated with your billing account.

For security reasons password reset is done in Korean Office hours Monday ~ Friday.  Unless a website is down and except in special circumstances a password reset response is made in 24 Hours with the lowest ticket priority. Unless you are locked out of your server  due to for example firewall etc a password reset is NOT done through our technical support department. It is done through our billing department ticket system only.

For security reasons we might require additional information like your last transaction ID etc...YOU MUST USE AN EMAIL THAT IS REGISTERED IN OUR SYSTEM. No phone call or help request in chat rooms please. We will need to make sure all password reset requests are documented in our system. In some cases we might require a copy of your identification like passport etc... If you do not cooperate we us we reserve the right not to issue you a new password .  Security is extremely important in our company. If we have the slightest doubt we might simply ignore your request.

Please do not choose high priority status for your tickets.

Customers are responsible for lost passwords if you continue forgetting a password please use a password manager. 
A password manager can help you manage your passwords.

Important: To receive our password reset emails please whitelist our domains. For more information on how to do this  please click here.

If you have not registered at our website please read this